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The Disaster Warning Network combines detection, analysis, and warning technologies into an "information delivery system" that provides a maximum number of people a maximum amount of early warning time through a maximum number of warning devices.


Disasters and hazards warning factsThe Disaster Warning Network is a real time early warning communication system for disasters as they are actually occurring along the surface of the earth.  The Disaster Warning Network will NOT predict disasters, it will NOT prevent disasters, and it will NOT lessen the magnitude or frequency of disasters.


The Disaster Warning Network will greatly reduce the number of deaths, injuries, and property damages due to disasters.  It will NOT eliminate them. The Disaster Warning Network will operate on the principle that a few minutes or even a few seconds of early warning in advance of a disaster can be utilized wisely and effectively by most people to help them avoid or mitigate the effects of these disasters.


hazards alerts facts about tornadoes, lightning storms, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and terrorist disastersThe Disaster Warning Network will direct early warnings to only those specific areas that are expected to be impacted by a disaster that is actually occurring.  It will NOT "Broadcast" warnings to large geographic areas and cause false alarms to those not in danger and create low confidence levels in the accuracy of warnings.


The Disaster Warning Network will send its signals through a wide variety of commonly used electronic devices embedded with microprocessor receiver/controllers to provide early warnings that will allow both human and automated responses during natural disasters.  Decades old technology of siren and radio/TV alerts do not adequately reach most who really need early warnings.


The Disaster Warning Network will operate on the principle that all disasters travel along the surface of the earth at relatively slows speeds compared to the transmission speed of an electronic warning signal (light speed). Real time Detection, Analysis, and light speed Warnings will provide a maximum of warning time in advance of disasters.


The Disaster Warning Network will utilize existing technologies and will not require any new science to be developed. 


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